Tangent – New Photo Media


Size: 210 x 297mm

Pages: 53

Type: Perfect Bound

Edition: First Edition 150 copies

Designer: Winston Shacklock

Publisher: Tangent Photography Collective

ISBN: 978-0-473-40059-0

Year: 2017



The means of cultural production, its content and connections with audience are, and will continue to be, in flux. Nonetheless photographers remain deeply invested in collection from and dispersal to the world. newphotomedia 2017 is a repository, a time-capsule of these collections for the future, from the fragmented here and now.

In newphotomedia, our aim is to continue the conversation about the state/s of photography through the various works of our featured artists. The works are shown in the form of photo books, installations, digital media, still photographs, moving and sound. Our ambition is to continue the dialogue as part of the global conversation. It is our role as artists and photographers to provoke questions and formulate visual responses to the world we are living in, to make connections, embrace change and subsequent possibilities.