Solomon Mortimer – Personnel


Size:  250 x 210 mm

Pages:  100 pages – 20 mm beveled four-corner, each page 2% gray gradient, including colour and b&w photographs

Type:  Soft Cover, first edition

Edition:  45

Designer:  Solomon Mortimer

Publisher:  (self-published) Solomon Mortimer

Year:  2016



Personnel is the latest self-published photobook produced by photographer Solomon Mortimer.

“Playing with the lineage of photographic documentary modes, he is working with unfamiliar individuals, often observed in the street and attempting to record moments of form, figure and the ambiguous space in-between. The book format has always served as a favoured medium of choice for Mortimer, allowing sequence and scale to be continually refined in a way not often available to photographers in the exhibition context. In Personnel, he plays with juxtaposition and pace, to subvert the strength of some images while favouring others. The question of what colour paper the photographs could be presented against is posed as an open question by the greyness of the paper, which gradually increases in density, by two percent increments, from one percent of black, to one hundred percent.

Through the works contained in Personnel, Mortimer’s intention is to expose the myth of a unified ‘self’, and lays bare the figure in fragments.”

Personnel will be on view at the Christchurch Art Gallery as part of the new photography exhibition The Devil’s Blind Spot: Recent Strategies in New Zealand Photography, and as part of the Elam School of Fine Arts 2016 MFA Graduate Exhibition.