Michael Krzanich – Someone’s Mana


Size:  300 x 200 mm

Pages:  160 pages

Type:  Linen hardcover with debossed title

Edition:  2000

Publisher:  Hatje Cantz, Berlin, Germany

Year:  2016

ISBN:  3775742271



Finalist for the 2016 New Zealand Photobook of the Year Awards

In 2014 and 2015, New Zelaand photographer Michael Krzanich explored the undercurrent of remote New Zealand and found a resonance unique to that part of the world. The images in Someone’s Mana depict people and places that have a connection with Maori life.

The term ‘mana’ can mean a supernatural force in a person, place or inanimate object in particular cultures. In Maori culture, mana is a measure of influence, authority, charisma, or spiritual power. Mana can also be reduced through wrong doing, and this diminished state gives it a darkness as well.

The carefully chosen images in the book serve the purpose of suggesting a contemporary view of the entity of mana. As they were taken mainly in remote regions of New Zealand, there was time to listen to the stories, understand someone’s life and the place where they now live.