Mia Tong – Native Newzealander


Size: 200 x 140 mm
Pages: 50 pages
Type: Softcover, Bound by artist
Edition: Edition of 10
Designer: Mia Tong
Publisher: Self-published
Year: 2015


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In 2015 Mia Tong was a Year 3 Photo Media student at Whitecliffe College of Art & Design. She was awarded the Top Photobook Award at the Year 3 Photo Media End-of-Year Photobook exhibition and event that year.

“There are some things one remembers, even though they may never have happened.

As a child many aspects of your life are viewed differently; changes and similarities occur.

For me I was scared of the dark. All the main bedrooms, except for the spare room was upstairs and the only bathroom was downstairs, through the library, along the hall, through the dining room and next to the kitchen, at the other end of the house. When I needed to go to the bathroom at night; I would walk through my home turning every single light on and then leave them all on while running back to my room as I was too scared to turn them off.

It wasn’t until recently that I connected this memory to a habit I now have as an adult.”