Harvey Benge – You Won’t Be With Me Tomorrow


Size: 170 x 221 mm
Pages: 88 pages, featuring 68 colour photographs
Type: Hardcover
Edition: Edition of 1000
Designer: Kummer & Hermann
Publisher: Dewi Lewis UK
Year: 2014
ISBN: 978-1-907893-65-0

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This bookwork I made in 2009 following a workshop I conducted with John Gossage and Alec Soth. After we talked about everything else we talked about relationships. This book is my response. Published in an edition of 100 signed and numbered copies.

Dewi has this so say: You Won’t Be With Me Tomorrow is a sequel to the narrative Harvey Benge developed in his 2013 book, Some Things You Should Have Told Me. Both deal with the pain of relationship, the seeming inevitability of separation and the mistrust that is its consequence. Women drift, lost and hostile, throughout the pages – they’re masked or veiled; they stare from behind bars – sometimes metal, sometimes frail as gauze, or turn away, eyes averted. They are beautiful but isolated – the time for reconciliation has long passed. This isolation is reinforced by a sense of eroticised cruelty – on one page, a woman plucks out her tongue, on another she thrusts it through a ghostlike paper mask, its tip counterpointed by a single red nail. Bodies are branded, bandaged, broken; they’re both scarred and vulnerable. A vibrant red apple declares multiple allusions – beauty, knowledge, temptation, betrayal. Benge’s visual vocabulary is typically elusive, but in You Won’t Be With Me Tomorrow he seems to examine a larger narrative. A young man is behind bars; a few pages later, stares at himself in a mirror in front of a closed door. A young boy puts his arm around a girl. They look beyond the frame at something troubling.