Fiona Jack – Living Halls


Size:  240 x 170 mm

Pages:  256 pages

Type:  Hardcover

Edition:  1000

Designer:  Eyework Design

Publisher:  Clouds & Govett-Brewster Art Gallery

Year:  2011

ISBN:  978-0-9864628-1-8

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Living Halls represents the findings of an ambitious research project undertaken by Fiona Jack based in the study and cataloguing of New Zealand war memorial halls.

Following the Second World War, government funds were made available for communities to plan and apply for support for memorial halls. Hundreds of these buildings, in what became a vernacular tradition, now form a chain of public space the length of the country.

Jack has compiled a list of all extant halls and worked with people living in proximity to the halls to provide paintings of them. She has also made drawings herself based on the original applications made by communities now kept in the National Archives.

Living Halls includes writing by Govett-Brewster Director Rhana Devenport, historians Bill MaKay and Georgina White, fiction by Los Angeles writer Janet Sarbanes and a discussion with artists Sam Durant and Tom Nicholson.