Ben Clement – Karakia


FINALIST – 2015 New Zealand Photobook of the Year (Trade Published)

Size:  265 x 195 mm
Pages: 64 pages
Type: Perfect bound (with dust jacket), offset printed
Edition: 500
Publisher: Bloom Publishing
Year: 2015

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The publication showcases images from New Zealand-born artist Ben Clement alongside his mother, Sallyann Clement’s previously unseen photographic archive.

In early 2015, Bloom Publishing (Melbourne) travelled with Ben to his family farm in Gisborne, NZ, to meet with his mother. Their time there was spent flipping through her carefully curated albums, whilst listening to stories of her last 30 years shooting. The works selected were taken over a five-year period during the 1980s and follow her travels through New Zealand’s vast national parks, to the cobbled streets of Western Europe.

Sallyann’s timeless images set the tone for her son Ben, whose contemporary images – selected over the same timeline and trace a similar geographical path – share a familiar quality as he follows his mother’s footsteps some 20 years later.